Go. Grow. Give.

Oasis is a church planting church. What does that mean? We are a church that does not seek to stay within one building and in one community. Jesus told Peter that the Gates-of-hell will not prevail against his church. This mean that the church was going to be on the offense and not sit back, but rather invade enemy territory. Later on, when Jesus addressed the Great Commission he said to go to all nations. We believe that the best way to invade enemy territory is to plant new churches in areas where the Gospel is needed.

Church Planting
Church Planting 2


Church planting isn't something we do for a living. Church planting is something we do because we are finally living! The first thing to communicate is that church planting is fun. There is nothing that brings more satisfaction and joy than to be exercising God's calling. The first steps would be to pray, identify and discern whether God is calling into the trenches of ministry.


let yourself be known. God's kingdom is rooted around relationships and being with people. God himself demonstrated this. After you fill out the simple form below, you'll be invited into a small group of people that are currently church planting. The next steps will be laid through in-person conversations as we get to know you and you get to know us, this is a very casual and laid back step.



The church planting opportunities are vast. Not just in the specifics but also in the locations. We currently have 2 church plants where you could be plugged into, Rutgers University and Union, NJ. Being a church planter does not mean you have to be a pastor, although you will always need to identify the campus pastor within your core group; church planting is a team effort that relies on each person's commitment to God.