Our Story

I remember there was one particular day at Oasis Church, back when the church was renting from a Methodist Church in Scotch Plains. There was a young man that walked in and sat by himself in the pew before service. I went over to him and introduced myself and entertained a simple conversation with him. At the end of the service I decided to ask him if he wanted to grab lunch with a few of my friends after service. He declined because he needed to go right into his afternoon shift at work.

That very simple greeting and invitation was the beginning of the culture we now see at our young adults ministry. We can gather and do life together outside of church. You can belong before you believe. Our church has naturally done this since day one. We just felt that with a little of intentionality we could actually form a great community!

We reached out to our lead pastor. I didn't know what it took for someone to start something like this, all I knew was that he could help. The church leadership told me to write down a plan and mission for the group. A plan? A mission?

One day, as we were all hanging out at our friend's house, I told some of my friends what was going on with the young adults. I tried to explain it to the best of my ability what God wanted of us. I knew we had to put some more intentionality to our hang outs. So we did that.

A brother at our church had a yearning to begin a small group and do a video course on apologetics. The young adults started meeting up after church to watch an amazing series by Brian Seagraves. It was in those late afternoons that we saw multiple people surrender their lives at the feet of Jesus. It was crazy! It was a testament that God was using the young adults at Oasis Church.

From there on, Without Borders came to be the place where young people gathered and lived out their faith alongside friends.

With our church being a church-playing church we have planted 2 college campus ministries at Kean University and Rutgers University. Without Borders now is the place that joins all the young adults from all three campuses!